celcius reveals karnak attack for the web and pc

September 3rd, 2009

Celcius Games, a new USA publisher of PC/web and IPhone games, just released Karnak Attack for the PC and Web.

All around gaming experience for everyone.

Karnak Attack features player scoring, numerous different weapons, and plenty of treasure for all.

Fast first person action

This realistic first person simulation offers players exciting matches combined with action-packed gameplay. The controls are easy to adapt to since the basis is upon numerous PC first person shooter titles.

“Karnak is first person shooter excellence. With Karnak, we’re pleased to offer free gameplay to any user.” says John, Celcius monkey pixel pusher. “And with the launch of the iPhone title we expect many users to follow. We’re even more excited about the future of this game where the user can set up the idea for future levels and their own characters.”

Nov 10 2009 - Karnak Attack is a First Person Shooter for the arcade style old school gamer. Karnak gameplay is set for the avid gamer, where you fight off hoards of mummies, bugs, and a massive boss in the end, to name a few.

“Karnak Attack is a fun quick jump in and shoot em game." says Afterglowstudios.com

Check out the new video of Celcius Games Karnak Attack at www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk53hExQLqc